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City of Angel: Angel the Series OOC. [entries|friends|calendar]
City of Angel: Angel the Series OOC.

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[27 Aug 2005|04:00pm]

*raises hand*

Just wondering. Were the plans of getting this place up and running again still in the works? I've been trying to clean out the deader games on my list, and I knew it was said we were going to start this game back up, but was just a-wonderin. :) Thanks!

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Leave of Absence [16 Jul 2005|02:48pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey all,

I'm heading out on vacation in the morning, so I'll be gone from now until the 24th. See you all when I get back! <3

The COA revolution will commence when I return. ^_^

-- Chris

(X-posted liek whoa. Seriously.)

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Yo! [05 Jul 2005|10:34pm]

[ mood | busy ]

A very important friends-locked modpost has been made! Please log in to see it and reply as you see fit. Thanks! ^_^

-- Chris <3

ETA: The community userinfo has also been redone, go take a look if you feel so inclined. Of course we've kept the original set of rules Brian wrote, because they were hot. :D


Update.. [05 Jun 2005|03:45pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

I just wanted to give you the heads up, as you English talking peeps say.

Starting from Monday, I'll re-entering the work force. After three years, I finally got myself a job (Hopefully). This does mean, however, that tags and posts might be a little slower. I will try to keep up with everything though.




Spam time again :D [14 May 2005|05:07am]

[ mood | busy ]

Weeell.. It's about that time now, kids. Tomorrow at this time I'm gonna be asleep in my not-so-comfortable bed at the beach. :D I've caught up on tags - minus a post or two that I might have to do in some places - but I hope I got everywhere that I needed to tag. AOL deleted some of my tags in my inbox a little while ago, so I'm hoping I didn't miss anything.

You can leave my tags until I get back.. do them now and get them over with.. it doesn't really matter to me, but I'll do my best to get caught up again as soon as I get back. Sorry about not bein as active as I could've been the past week or so, but school's out and after I get back from my week of nothingness then I'll be ready to keep up. mmhm.

Soo. I'll be back a week from tomorrow [May 21st] and I do start work that Monday, but I'm gonna try to get things done when I get back. Yesh.

Feel free to move my charries around for the most part I reckon, just don't y'know.. keel them dead or something.

See you guys in a week!! :D

Hannah - Angel/Fred/Holtz/Buffy

[x-posted like wooah]


MIA..ish [03 May 2005|11:50pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I'm doin this a bit early cause I just wanted to get it out there and also cause knowing me, I'd wait until the very last minute [or not at all]. I'm gonna be going on a vacation to the beach for a week - May 14th - 21st. I also thought that I could get this out early just in case a thread or something needed to be finished before then and over the next week or a little more, I could try to get it finished or whatever.

Also, next week is finals week for me here at school, so I might be a little on the slower side, but I'll still be able to keep up pretty good cause my schedule is pretty evened out and no one day is too bad. Not to mention, towards the end of next week, I'll be moving back home [yay?] so I'll be kinda busy then too, but not extremely.

Sooo.. I'll be MIA for that week. Just don't y'know kill off muh charries or develop a slash pairing.. icky!slash!. *whistles*

Hannah -- Angel/Fred/Holtz/Buffy

[x-posted like wooahh]

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[18 Apr 2005|11:35am]

So I have my computer back and will slowly (after getting over this horrid migraine) get caught up. Let me know asap if someone happens to be waiting on me to do something. And if you went ahead without me with threads and stuff I'm completely okay with that, just let me know what I need to know. Hopefully I'll be all back in the saddle soon.

<3 Gin

Introduction [11 Apr 2005|08:02am]

Hello, everyone. My name is Rachel, I am 23, and I'll be your new Lilah. I'm currently reading the previous Lilah's posts to get caught up.

My contact info is:
AIM: La La Lilah (Yes, it's the same as my username here.)
E-Mail: sunnydale.saint@gmail.com
Personal LJ: calliopes_pen
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leaving. [03 Apr 2005|07:14pm]

[ mood | guilty ]

Hi, Everyone.

I know that I said until June, but my Cordy muse has slowly wandered off, and I've been told that you have a replacement lined up for me when I leave - I would go more into feeling bad for leaving, and all that, and I really do - I love City of Angel, and I'll most certainly miss it, but I'm at a loss, and without any desire to post. It's unfair to you all, who I see as trying to revive the game once again. I hope that the Cordelia lined up is still available, and that I'm not messing things up for you. You're great writers! And, sorry to those of you who I never introduced myself to. It's been great playing with you all, it really has. But now, I must depart.

Thank you for giving me the chance,

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Wah. [03 Apr 2005|09:04am]

[ mood | anxious ]

And we've hit yet another rough spot. It happens. Pretty frequently for us, but it happens. Unfortunately, our beloved Anne had to leave us, so the role of Lilah is now open. Lilah has become an important character, so I hope we're able to find one soon. If any of you are interested in taking her on, or know of someone who might be interested, please have the interested party email me at greenvelvetfog@hotmail.com. I'm also going to put out an advertisement in a day or so.

So we've slowed down again, which is perfectly okay. That's normal. We've been doing pretty well with jumping forward in time, and a lot of us have been busy away from the computer (Jessie's going on vacation, I've been busy moving, etc.). I've got a lot more to say, but it will have to wait until I get home from work. Right now, I'll just say... this game is over a year old. It's been around a long time. I've been with it almost the entire time and I love it to pieces, and I know there are still a few other players here (Ginni, Lori) who've been here since the beginning too. I don't think any one of us wants COA to come to a screeching halt again. That would just be sad.

I will be doing a little cleaning up around here when I get home tonight. I will also be taking a look at who's active and who's not. To any new players I haven't been able to talk to on AIM yet (and I'm very sorry for that!), my AIM name is Myyahelle and I will be available this evening.

Here is where you guys come in. I don't want this game to go the way of the dodo. Too many people have put too much into it, and it really has been a lot of fun. Brian entrusted me with his baby and I want to make sure it prospers. If there's anything any of you think I can do or would like me to do to make this game more fun or more engaging or more whatever, please comment here. I'm open to any and all suggestions! What would you guys like to see? Even if it's something small like "plot chats" or something bigger like something you'd actually like to see happen in-character... let me know. Comments will be screened just in case you don't want to share with anyone else just yet.

-- Christine <3


[30 Mar 2005|02:05pm]

Hey, I'm leaving for the Houston Convention on Thursday and won't be back until Monday night. I'll try to finish all threads I'm in tonight. (wednesday) so other people can move on. Yay! I get to see James Leary *swoon*

x-posted like a mofo

(characters: Buffy, Angel, Spike, Britney, Gunn, Xander)

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Hey Guys!!! [24 Mar 2005|10:04am]

[ mood | busy ]

It's almost that time of the month again, (no, not that, the other...) I wanted to let ya'll know that I'll be on spring break vacation from April 9th through April 13th. I will be in Vegas during this time, and I will have very limited internet access (yes, I know -- its a vacation -- but I'm an internet addict so I have to get my fix some how ^_~), so I don't know if I will be able to RP or not. Maybe a tag here or there, but nothing major. I will, however, be logged on to AIM via sidekick (coolest device on the face of the earth), so if you need to get a hold of me for plotty you can catch me there. Don't know how lucid I'll be, or if I'll make sense at all, but yep, I'll be on there. Feel free to make fun of me if I act goofy. I'll try to wrap all of my characters up before then and finish any threads I am in.

Other than that... Are there any special requests? Little mementos from Vegas that you may want me to bring for you? Just let me know... cuz I'm taking requests. *giggles*

Love ya'll! *hugs & kisses*

-Jessie Angel-

[x-posted everywhere...i think]


Departing... [22 Mar 2005|01:58pm]

I don't want to do this, but the time has come for me to reassess the comms I am in. I've sort of been in an RP funk recently and have dropped the ball with many of my comms, not just this one. I have decided to leave City of Angel and open up a spot for a Lilah who can devote more time to this story.

I have enjoyed my time here, and am very saddened to have to leave, but I feel it is for the best.
You guys rock and I am confident that you will continue to create fantastic stories long after I am gone. ;)

Take care.
Anne aka da_lilah <333
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Leave of absence. [16 Mar 2005|09:06pm]

Hey everyone,

I know I've fallen behind lately, both in playing and moderating. I do have good reason! I had my first car accident last Wednesday (for those who haven't heard -- I'm fine) and spent a few days dealing with insurance and body shops and bad moods, and then landed myself with a really painful illness this past weekend. Under doctor's orders, I've basically been sleeping on and off and monitoring my temperature and trying to avoid a trip to the emergency room. I'm feeling better, though, so I should be getting caught up sometime in the next couple of days. Sorry this heads up is so late in coming, I've been really preoccupied. :(

-- Chris <3

(X-posted to all my games. ^^)

[16 Mar 2005|03:37am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

K.. I got an Angel posty up. :) Hope it's alright. I just kinda continued on from the previous Angel/Darla/Dru post from before. I can change anything if you need me to.

Oh, and I left it open to both Darla and Dru (since they were both there at the end of the last thread).


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