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And we've hit yet another rough spot. It happens. Pretty frequently for us, but it happens. Unfortunately, our beloved Anne had to leave us, so the role of Lilah is now open. Lilah has become an important character, so I hope we're able to find one soon. If any of you are interested in taking her on, or know of someone who might be interested, please have the interested party email me at greenvelvetfog@hotmail.com. I'm also going to put out an advertisement in a day or so.

So we've slowed down again, which is perfectly okay. That's normal. We've been doing pretty well with jumping forward in time, and a lot of us have been busy away from the computer (Jessie's going on vacation, I've been busy moving, etc.). I've got a lot more to say, but it will have to wait until I get home from work. Right now, I'll just say... this game is over a year old. It's been around a long time. I've been with it almost the entire time and I love it to pieces, and I know there are still a few other players here (Ginni, Lori) who've been here since the beginning too. I don't think any one of us wants COA to come to a screeching halt again. That would just be sad.

I will be doing a little cleaning up around here when I get home tonight. I will also be taking a look at who's active and who's not. To any new players I haven't been able to talk to on AIM yet (and I'm very sorry for that!), my AIM name is Myyahelle and I will be available this evening.

Here is where you guys come in. I don't want this game to go the way of the dodo. Too many people have put too much into it, and it really has been a lot of fun. Brian entrusted me with his baby and I want to make sure it prospers. If there's anything any of you think I can do or would like me to do to make this game more fun or more engaging or more whatever, please comment here. I'm open to any and all suggestions! What would you guys like to see? Even if it's something small like "plot chats" or something bigger like something you'd actually like to see happen in-character... let me know. Comments will be screened just in case you don't want to share with anyone else just yet.

-- Christine <3
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