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Spam time again :D

Weeell.. It's about that time now, kids. Tomorrow at this time I'm gonna be asleep in my not-so-comfortable bed at the beach. :D I've caught up on tags - minus a post or two that I might have to do in some places - but I hope I got everywhere that I needed to tag. AOL deleted some of my tags in my inbox a little while ago, so I'm hoping I didn't miss anything.

You can leave my tags until I get back.. do them now and get them over with.. it doesn't really matter to me, but I'll do my best to get caught up again as soon as I get back. Sorry about not bein as active as I could've been the past week or so, but school's out and after I get back from my week of nothingness then I'll be ready to keep up. mmhm.

Soo. I'll be back a week from tomorrow [May 21st] and I do start work that Monday, but I'm gonna try to get things done when I get back. Yesh.

Feel free to move my charries around for the most part I reckon, just don't y'know.. keel them dead or something.

See you guys in a week!! :D

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